5 tips for preventing dating burnout

5 tips for preventing dating burnout

What happens when you’re completely over dating? You feel like you’ve done all the right things and you have yet to find Mr. Right. Before you give up, read these 5 tips to prevent dating burnout.

Tip 1: Date non-exclusively.

Yup, you read that right. I know it seems counterintuitive as dating more people can feel exhausting. However, it’s less emotionally taxing. When you’re dating multiple people you are allowing yourself to explore other options and see all suitors as potentials. When pursuing one person “that’s your bae now.”

Also, with dating non-exclusively, if it doesn’t work out with one person it’s easier to move on.

Still not quite convinced to give non-exclusive dating a try. Read this post.


Tip 2: Set limits on the amount of time that you spend on dating apps.

Dating apps, just like social media can eat up so much of your day. Before you know it you’ve spent hours swiping and responding to messages. This is super exhausting.

Set a time limit for yourself –roughly 30 minutes. During that time frame, split your time up between checking out potential prospects and replying to messages.

Pro tip: Just because you receive messages throughout the day doesn’t mean you need to stop and respond to all of them.

Starting a conversation with someone you just received a match from is okay, but don’t feel compelled to send Chris 10 messages throughout the day just because he keeps talking to you.

A good approach is to take another 15 minutes or so in the evening to reply.

I am the President and CEO of the “Say no to endless text messages movement.” This is one way we minimize endless messages. Check out my post on “How to successfully use dating apps for more than hookups” for more tips on how to end the cycle of endless text messages.


Tip 3: Get out of your head!

Talk about the date with someone and/or write about your date after its over. Yes, dust off your journal and turn it into your “dating thoughts” notebook. This process will help you to get out of your head! The more you think about the date, the more you will come up with all the things that went wrong!

So why are we doing this?! Because y’all (and me too) are determined to see a date as a complete fail or a success. NO in-between. This is what? Exhausting. It’s literally like being on an endless rollercoaster–it creates highs and lows…no middle ground.


Tip 4: Don’t overthink!

Yes, this one is hard. I know, I know. The two biggest places that people overthink is in the initial matching process and when sending messages.

Initial matching

Don’t only go for your type and don’t overanalyze the pictures. Men are so bad at taking selfies.

I almost didn’t swipe Left on Bumble for this guy because he looked okay in pictures. When I met him in person, he was super cute! We also had a great conversation. That would’ve been someone I missed out on, had I been overthinking the matching process.

Remember, just because he’s fine doesn’t mean he can sustain a conversation. You need the whole package.

Sending messages

DO NOT SEND EVERY MESSAGE TO YOUR FRIENDS BEFORE REPLYING. Jesus halp! They are not going to be on the date with you. Really, just reply. That’s all I got…lol. Do, then, think later. You won’t know how less stressful it can be until you give it a try.


Tip 5:  Sometimes it’s okay to take a break.

It doesn’t mean you failed at dating. You can get back out there later. However, it is important to take care of yourself and nourish other relationships in your life.

Any other tips that you can think of to prevent dating burnout?


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