7 Ways That Living Your Best Life Can Improve Your Dating Potential

7 Ways That Living Your Best Life Can Improve Your Dating Potential

In the words of Lil Duval…

I’m living my best life, ain’t goin back and forth with you n****s

I’m living my best life, ain’t goin back and forth with you n****s

Honey, I’m really out here living my best (single) life and not just for the ‘gram either. I’m currently taking a break from dating. Read here to find out why. But I haven’t stopped thinking about ways to improve my “dating potential” during my brief hiatus.  

I define dating potential as one’s readiness for a healthy relationship. Therefore, we improve our dating potential by caring for our mental, physical and spiritual needs. If your life is a hot mess, trying to add another person into the mix will be a disaster.

I hate the saying of “my better half”.  Ma’am you better find another whole. Finding these half of men is why so many women are over dating right now. Okay, rant aside…back to improving dating potential.

So what exactly do you do?

I got you. Here are 7 ways to improve your dating potential.


#1 Go solo dolo to a place you wouldn’t typically go

We are often afraid of the unknown, which causes us to not “shoot our shot.” Solo experiences help you to get over this fear. I’m not saying it won’t be uncomfortable, but you will realize you can make it through more situations than you give yourself credit for.

Related: Take a solo trip.

Solo exploration in Paris was freakin’ amazing and I survived! lol

#2 Work it out!

Physical activity is not just good for your physical health but your mental health as well. Getting to the gym might be a struggle, but once you get there you will feel so much better.


#3 Treat yo’ self!

No really, treat yo’ self. Sometimes we are waiting for someone else to spoil us, when we can do it for ourselves. This reduces the expectation that dudes MUST buy us gifts all the time. It will now just be an added bonus.  


#4 Self-Affirmations

Create a list of motivational quotes, scriptures and words of encouragement that will help you to make it through. Great places to keep these self-affirmations are on your phone, hanging on your walls or mirrors.

A few powerful ones include:

I must forgive myself for my past mistakes

I must surrender my need for control

The comeback is always stronger than the setback

(Printable will be available for purchase on September 10)

#5 Get rid of toxic people

If these people mean you no good let them go. Read my post about signs that you are in a toxic relationship. Some of these characteristics apply to non-romantic relationships as well.


#6 Set healthy boundaries

I will preach this every week. These people do not deserve all of your time and energy. Learn to protect your peace.


#7 Go to therapy

Finding the right therapist can be a pain, but once you do I promise your edges will be snatched and you will come out a whole new person.

Once, you start getting your life together bae will follow.

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