Breaking All the Rules: Blonde or Brunette

Breaking All the Rules: Blonde or Brunette

Back in 1989, I was still single and young. At that stage of my life, I was going through a broken relationship and could not understand why love hurt so much. I could not understand why we fall in love, not looking for love, it just happens and then we get hurt.

I was staying in a one bedroom flat just out of town. I was very lonely and I am introvert so I did not really go out looking for friends. At that time I was on holiday and very excited.

Coming back from holiday I found that I had new neighbors. I did not pay much attention to them. BUT, I noticed… it was two young guys. One dark haired and one blonde. I use to get a crush on guys with blonde hair and mostly they were the ones who only joked with me, or worst were not even interested in me. Still, I started to like my blonde haired neighbor.

I would hear these guys as they were talking after work on their balcony. The one with the dark hair was very loud and oh my goodness he could swear. The other one’s voice was much lower and maybe he also swears but for some reason, I did not pay attention to that, maybe because I liked him. You know what they say to be in love (or to like) the eyes are blind and the ears are deaf.

I truly wanted to meet the blonde hair guy, I was working up the courage to go ask him out. At that time it was just the beginning of a girl asking a guy for a date. One day I finally had enough courage to go and ask. I went to the door and knocked, and guess who opened -the dark haired guy. I was so disappointed. And there I stood not knowing what to do. I thought to myself I should at least ask and hopefully, it will work out. So I said to him  “Will you all go with me to the movies?”. I was hoping the joint invitation would give me a chance to get to know the guy with the blonde hair.

The guy with the dark hair invited me in, so I went inside. We were sitting at the table chatting about our futures- he was telling me that he would only get married at the age of 60 and I told him that I would only look for a relationship after I turned 30. We decided to make dinner. Boy was I nervous. We had a great evening. Definitely not what I expected when I knocked on the door earlier that evening.

The date had been set – so I was still hoping that something would change on the date night. We went to the movies with my car. Me dating the dark-haired guy, and the blonde hair guy with his girlfriend. What an amazing time. The dark haired guy began to stick to me like gum. He started to visit me, so many times I felt like running away, it was too intense and I wanted to break free. He was there every day. One night I went out and when I got back there was letter under the door, asking me that I must not run away.

At that time I was buying my parents house because of financial difficulty on their side. I had to move back to get my rebate. End of March came and it was time for me to move back to my parent’s house. I was packing. My mom and I had a fight and I was emotionally not in a good place, crying and that night the dark-haired guy was there for me, listening to me, all my hurt and my frustrations. I was telling him everything and he was just listening and being there. It was a Saturday evening. About 2 o’clock that Sunday morning, still packing, he asked me to marry him.

At that stage, I only knew his name. My whole life was falling apart, I was in a deep depression. I said to him that I will go think about it and then give him an answer the next Sunday afternoon. I told him that if what I felt inside of me was love, then I would marry him. I asked the Lord that if this is not my husband that He would send somebody on this guys path, that he would fall in love with and come back to me tell me that he found somebody else because I did not want to hurt him.

Guess what? We got married 6 months thereafter, and we are still married today. It will be 29 years this September. We went through some tough times but we made it so far. At the time that I had met him I was already born-again, lost in hurt and wounds. He was not saved. Today he has been called by the Lord to be a Pastor and he is saved.

I praise the Lord for being there when I could not understand or know what the truth in my life was. All the glory to Him!!!

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Antonette Bisset has been married for almost 29 years.  She has two sons, both married and has two grandchildren. She all about enjoying life… “Life is Journey, Enjoy it!”

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