Dating Story: Hey, Let Me Buy You a Drink

Dating Story: Hey, Let Me Buy You a Drink

I met my current boyfriend while I was at University when one of my friends invited a group of friends to his birthday party at a dive bar. I later learned that my friend and his girlfriend had cooked up the idea to set me up with one of his friends, but not the friend who instantly caught my eye.

Throwing their plans out the window, I made a beeline for the ‘wrong friend’. He was shy, and that’s my type.


I did a brave thing and bought him a drink. The glamorously called Jestical (pronounced like Testical), which is a potent mix of orange juice and whatever the bartender could pour into a plastic cup. It was the perfect icebreaker. To this day I’ve only ever seen him dance once and I hold Jesticals entirely responsible for that!

A week later, I planned to travel to London to have our first date. I was so nervous that I spent most of the day before our date rolling on my housemates’ floor questioning my sanity because long distance relationships don’t work. I’m not a very romantic person thanks to mild autism. I don’t want 99.9% of people in my personal space let alone to physically touch me, so going on a date with someone was kind of a big thing for me.  

Yet, when I met him at Waterloo station those worries disappeared. I didn’t even question it because it felt right. It was the perfect date. I was supposed to catch an earlier train home but didn’t want to leave yet, so he invited me for dinner…at his parents’ house. Yeah, I was that sure about this boy that I met his parents on our first date.

It went well. His family was really welcoming to me. It can be a bit nerve-wracking meeting the parents. We got most of the big things out the way on our first date from discussing if we want kids to meeting the parents. In a normal relationship, this would probably be mortifying, but it didn’t faze us at all.

We remained in a long-distance relationship while I finished my final year of University. This worked for us because I could not have handled juggling studying and a full-time relationship, though spending most weekends traveling did become exhausting. When I finished at University I moved to London to be with my boyfriend but made the choice not to move in together straight away because I wanted to find my feet on my own first.

Not long after I moved to London my life changed forever, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I went from being in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend to being in a long-distance relationship with my family. My boyfriend and I would make the 300+ mile drive to visit my dad every chance we got. He was there to deal with the emotional upheaval of going through one of the most horrible things a family can deal with. Over the course of that terrible year, it really felt like he became part of our family. I’m lucky enough that my best friend is also my partner so we handled things together as a team.  

After a few tough years life is finally heading in the right direction again, we’ve now moved in together with two of our friends, including the guy responsible for introducing us. Our first home may be barely a step above a student dig, but it’s home for now. The next step for us will be finding a place of our own which is terrifying and exciting.


Ultimately you never know when you’re going to meet the right person, I’m glad I was brave and bought a guy a drink, it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done!

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