We have all seen a movie where the lead rushes to find a date before some big event, usually a wedding or some major family event. Some even go as far as paying someone to be their date. Hmmm…Don’t most of these movies have a happy ending?! Well my experience didn’t quite end that way…

I met this guy on bumble and we decided to meet up for coffee for our first date. The conversation was really good. We seemed to have quite a bit in common. So, I’m thinking this guy definitely deserves a second date.

We continued to talk and were vibing and he hit me up one evening asking if I was busy. In my mind, I’m like,

I know he’s not about to ask me out tonight.

But I was also trying to remind myself that I’m supposed to be more open. So, I said, “No, I’m not busy, what’s up?” And just as I anticipated, he wanted to know if I would go to dinner with him. The old me would’ve been like HECK NO and probably ghosted him. But the new, more “open” me said yes.

I got dressed and agreed to have him pick me up (what was I thinking?). On the way to dinner, we were laughing and chatting it up. We pulled up to the restaurant and he’s like yeah, some people from my job are here. I looked at him a bit confused and asked if they just happened to be having dinner there as well. His response was yes. We walked towards the table and it’s in that moment I realized we were not only having dinner with his colleagues but it was the company’s holiday dinner party. I immediately panicked and thought,

Why didn’t I ask more questions?

Why didn’t I drive?

I wonder how soon an Uber can be here.


BUT I’m way too nice for all of that. I sucked it up and proceeded to walk to the table. He began to introduce me to his colleagues and I discovered that he didn’t know how to pronounce my name. At that point, I was like

Should I tell him that’s not my name?

When do I tell him that’s not my name?  

I thought there was no way this night would have gotten anymore awkward. However, it did. One of his colleagues asked how did we meet each other. He looked at me and I looked at him and the colleague looked at both of us. Yet, no one said a word. Somehow we managed to move the conversation along and I tried my best to be a good sport but at this point it was HARD.

The dinner finally ended and I could NOT wait to get home to tell my friends about this craziness. Then I remembered I rode with him. I wanted the awkwardness to be over sooo bad. Again, I tried to be nice and make small talk and he had the nerve to ask me if I enjoyed myself.

I wanted to say HECK NO, you don’t take someone to a company dinner for a second date! Who raised you? Instead, I just said it was cool.

Thankfully, it was a 15-minute drive back to my place…of course, 15 minutes too long but I MADE IT HOME. I had already made up my mind that I never wanted to speak to him again, but apparently, he had the same plan. I never heard from him again. Was I just a date for “hire?” Haha!

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