Dating Story: Summer Camp Romance

Dating Story: Summer Camp Romance

The summer my husband, Seb, and I got together we worked at the same summer camp; he was on the regular Summer Staff and I was the Waterfront Coordinator.  Throughout the summer we got closer and we became better friends. At this point, I was seeing someone else, but that relationship was going downhill quickly.

Disclaimer: I was not looking to start a relationship with Seb, but it just seemed like we clicked perfectly and things just blossomed.  

The duties of our summer job naturally allowed us to spend a lot of time together.  We would often joke around and just have some fun.

Part way through the summer I noticed our head afternoon/evening cook (we’ll call him Rich) would get upset at us or give us some nasty looks if we were working together.  Rich usually wasn’t one to hate on fun and was actually a really great and fun guy to hang out with and be around. I knew he was gay from the moment I met him. So I started to watch him a little bit closer when Seb was around because he would laugh a little too much, linger a little longer than normal, and stand a bit closer than most people would be comfortable with.  I knew right away what was going on, but I just let it slide because I thought Seb could see what was going on too. Apparently not.

Rich and I were pretty good friends after working a few summers together so it wasn’t weird that we would hang out.  It started getting weird though when Rich started inviting Seb places, but again, I thought Seb knew what was going on with Rich. Every time we would go get dinner Rich would sit next to Seb or walk beside him almost to the point where their hands would brush.  Seb still didn’t get what was going on.

In my mind, at this point, I was just hanging out with two of my good friends. But Seb was trying to impress me so we might get together, and Rich was trying to impress Seb so they might get together.  It was a mess.

If the three of us were together, Rich would ignore me and get jealous. He also tried harder to get Seb’s attention. If Seb wasn’t around, Rich would be his normal self towards me.  

There were a few times where Rich would ask me questions about Seb trying to get to know more about him. Rich was certain that Seb was at least bisexual.  I finally realized Seb had no idea what was going on when he asked me if Rich was gay. I had to explain to him that, yes, Rich is gay and that he was very interested in him.  He was shocked and then everything finally fell into place in his mind about what was happening.

By the end of the summer I had broken it off with the person I was seeing and Seb and I decided to give it a try. That didn’t stop Rich. He would continue to message Seb and see how he was doing, what he was up to, and try to find a time where they could see each other.  Seb being the nice guy that he is, could tell Rich no, so he would just go in circles and avoid trying to set plans with Rich.

Rich didn’t get the message that nothing was going to happen between them, or refused to see it, and continued to message Seb up until we got married.  Shortly after we got married Rich messaged Seb a few times, mostly to catch up, but otherwise, neither of us have heard anything from him in the year and a half that we have been married.

I’m happy that I gave my good friend from summer camp a try. No matter how many obstacles (or people) get in the way you can’t stop true love.

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