Why I Don’t Date Men Who Make Less Money Than Me


Would you ever date someone that makes less money than you?

This seems to be the million dollar question on twitter (follow me @datingwdegreed…darn character limit). I use to to roll my eyes at the gender wars of finances, but now that I’m getting some decent coins, I get it.

I added a poll to my Instagram Stories to see what my followers answers would be.

 Here are the results.

Surprising no one ….there wasn’t a single man who voted “no.”

So, you might be wondering what my answer is to this question. It depends.

If you were to ask younger me, she would say,

Of course, who else am I going to date (looks at small pool of eligible, professional black men)?

Younger me also decided I just needed to find a reformed hood dude, who was making a decent living (What was I thinking? lol). I felt that if he could contribute anything financially then we would be good.

At that time, I didn’t care who made more money, I had no desire to get married and no interest in learning how to cook….still don’t. *cues that’s why you’re still single joke, lol*

Little did I know, I was viewed as rich and high maintenance (y’all I was a grad student).

Now the real kicker is that these dudes thought I would take care of them financially because “I could afford it.” Like where do they do that at?!

Do I get to write a blog post about these so called “men sugar babies?” I forgot, I don’t bash men on my blog (catch me on twitter @datingwdegreed).

Now, getting to the real answer.

Do I currently date men who make significantly less money than me?


Sorry, not sorry.

These are my standards and I’m sticking to them. *flips hair*

In all seriousness, I have found that setting this standard hasn’t stopped quite a few men from being intimidated by my accomplishments and how many coins I have in my pocket.

I’ve been questioned constantly about my job title and asked about my annual income, from dudes that are in the same tax bracket as me. Isn’t that crazy?!

Don’t even get me started on how dudes have acted like I committed a sin, when I offer to pay for a date.


There are some women that aren’t trying to spend all your money while she saves her coins. *waves hand*

You seem to not want her in real life.

*sigh* I can’t win no matter if I say yes or no to dating someone who makes less money than me.

This is just my perspective as a successful Black women on this dating journey.  What are your thoughts? Talk to me in the comments section below.


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